Book Review – Chaos Down Under

This is the second installment of the Chaos Trilogy by Nishant Kaushik. But I happened to read this one without reading any of the previous novels by Nishant. I might have enjoyed the novel more had I read the first installment of Chaos.

The story is a first person monologue told by Nakul who works at a software firm called Bytesphere. Nakul is given the task of impressing an Australian client and ensuring that the project does not slip out of their hands. But Bytesphere does not give Nakul any resources which he can feel proud of . He himself has not received many reimbursements which are long-standing, hence recruiting talented candidates who would look for high pay scales is ruled out. So read the story to find out how Nakul manages to form a team of six bytes. What challenges he will face? Will he be able to impress the client? What happens to his love life under these chaos?


For me the story was a mixture of opposites. It is humorous throughout but at times I could not enjoy the humor the way it was presented. Somewhere the main character Nakul who takes us through his story has so many biases towards people around him, that it becomes very difficult for the reader to understand when he is exaggerating and when he is being honest. Throughout the novel we are only getting the views of Nakul on all other characters. We never come to know what the other character is thinking.

These days its a fashion among most people to generously use terms like a****le, L*** his a** and so on. But I really do not like that kind of langauge. Also I don’t enjoy reading or watching movies where in toilet scenes, vomiting scenes are in abundance!! I hated Delhi Belly for the same reason even though the story line was otherwise too good. Same applies with Chaos Down Under. Somewhere I felt why read so many unpleasant things, when all I expect from reading books is some inspiration, good mood, and positive thoughts. I did not find them here.

But as I told, its targeted at a different kind of readers, who would enjoy reading all these slang.

It would be a good time pass for people working in corporates or people looking forward to become software engineers. Those who are not talented and have less grades can still hope to get placed after reading this novel, and those who don’t get placed can always think that, they are too good to work under an inferior boss, hence he did not recruit them. !!

Character Radha Murty has been mocked at by the author throughout the story, somewhere I felt he wants to portray the South Indian girl as not good-looking, dumb, lazy, boring and so on. He also mentions she would call Akshat asakshath !! Did he wanted to tell Akshat/Akshath as Akshad? Not sure whether Nakul called Radha Murty as Moorty/moorthy/murty/murthy 🙂

After the first half, everything becomes very much obvious. At every situation the author goes on giving hints as to what can happen, hence the reader is already aware this is not going to work. So he makes it very predictive. The story might have been more interesting if he had avoided that.

Thus I would say as a budding author it’s really good effort. But to be able to delight readers from all over the world and all age groups, the author has to revisit his chapters again and again and make it more presentable.

Would love to hear views of other readers. Please drop your comments below and Thanks to Blogadda for sending me this book as a part of Book Review Program.

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