Healthy Children make happy families.

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Dance to the music

Dance to the music

I had never ever thought how much of panic parents will have when their child becomes ill, until I became a parent and felt so helpless to see my daughter suffer from fever or cold once or twice in a year. Children are like the power generators of the house. If they fall ill, the whole energy of the house will be lost. Because with children around every day is like a celebration, and if your son or daughter is ill and cannot eat sweets or dance to the music, what will you celebrate or how will you celebrate or why will you celebrate.

This Diwali just because my daughter got some cold and cough, I have not made any festive food as it requires some ghee, sugar or deep frying which will make her condition worse. Instead if me or my husband were to get cold or cough or even fever, we wont mind preparing the festive dishes just for the sake of daughter. Don’t we? Thus there is no doubt that Healthy children make happy families.

But of late I have been realizing that its just not enough to concentrate on child’s health, even parents should always take care of their health because if they fall ill, they will not be able to keep the children in their full spirits.

Weather it is a family of three people or five or ten people, the children’s health does affect the mood of whole family. Grandparents would enjoy all celebrations irrespective of their health, as the radiance from child’s eyes give them divine energy. I have seen how my mother is full of energy when we visit her during holidays. From where does she get all the energy to prepare different type of dishes as per every one’s choice, how she manages to do all rituals to the grand children which are due on festivals and birthdays. But if the child falls ill, the whole celebration mood is lost.

We would always be arguing with children to change the TV channel as per our choices, and keep telling them you have seen enough. But when the child falls ill, even the TV is available for us 24 hours a day, we hardly feel like putting it on. Nothing would matter more than the child’s recovery.

Thus definitely children are the center of our aspirations, dreams, and ambition. To boost that energy of family, children need to be healthy and giggling around. Its children who keep us get going and aim higher.

To keep them healthy, let us avoid all junk food, unhealthy food habits and make them also realize the benefit of health and let us all adopt a healthy lifestyle for the sake of our children, for the sake of our families.

Thanks to Indiblogger for giving nice topic in Happy Hours.

Fantasy park

Healthy Chidlren

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Deepavali.


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