Offering eggs at temple?

Women offering milk and eggs to snakes on the occasion of ‘Nagula Chavithi’ at a temple near Clock Tower in Secunderabad on Monday. –PHOTO: SATYANARAYANA GOLA

This is what mentioned in the national daily The Hindu newspaper in Hyderabad edition. But I was really shocked to read offering milk & eggs at a temple!! From when did people start offering eggs in Temple? Or is it the case? Because I really hate the smell when I visit temples which have this Naaga Idols in temples. I was under the impression the bad smell is because of the spoilt milk which is poured on these idols on special occasions like Naaga panchami or others performing pooja to Naaga ( Snake ) gods. But todays caption in Hindu photo really surprised me.

Temples are the most auspicious places for a Hindu and we do not enter it without taking bath or carrying anything which is considered not auspicious. We do not even wear foot wear in the premises of temple. Even non-vegetarians do not eat non veg on festivals and few week days when they perform pooja.

In that case how can one allow people to offer eggs in Temple? is that the ignorance of the journalist who wrote the caption? Or is such practice really exists in Hyderabad and I am ignorant of it?


One comment on “Offering eggs at temple?

  1. Manoj Pandey says:

    Hey, this is the first time I’m hearing eggs being offered in the temple through your post, but never seen in any.

    But yes, I saw at one place near Gacchibowli people offering eggs near Snake’s burrow during this occasion.


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