Subhiksha Orphanage

Charity has become a way to earn money for various people. Thus its difficult for the common man to identify genuine helping hands from those which act like genuine but on the other hand just fool people. Thus it is good to share news about actual existing Orphanages, old age homes and other Social Service oriented establishments so that people who would like to donate or be a part of it can be made aware of such entities. So I thought of sharing news about Subhikhsa Orphanage. Came across it in TheHindu newspaper and after that collected more information from net.

The news I read about was Subhiksha orphanage, but what I found on net is this. Hope both are same. Visit their website on

Subhiksha voluntary organisation
Plot No. 154, Arunoday Nivas
Doyens Township, Near HCU
Gachibowli, Serilingampally Mandal,
Hyderabad – 5000019
Andhra Pradesh
Tel: 040 60501664
Mobile: +91 9959027192,8885550212

Here is the link to news article


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