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when words cannot convey message, the touch does. Of all the action words found in English Language, Touch is the one which has larger than life meaning to it. Mother’s Touch, Baby Touch, Touch me not, UnTouchable so on and so forth. So which Touch are we talking about today?

In India we are more of Touch me Nots than Touch me types. we prefer to fold our hands and greet a person than shaking his hand with that of ours. We bend and bow to our parents than hug them. I am not telling I hate or dislike our culture. I have all the respect for it and I am proud of it. But there has to be a distinction. We need to understand whom to bow and whom to hug. We need to teach the Touch lessons to our kids.

Here is the story of my friend Lucy who did her Engineering from one of the prestigious colleges of Bangalore. Very ambitious, hard working and Social girl. She would participate in almost all events of college. She had many good friends around her but there was one who hailed from her native place and he was Rajesh. Rajesh was not so charming or dashing. Lucy never gave more importance to him as she never felt that she would enjoy his company. The kiddish pranks of Rajesh irriated Lucy more than making her happy. But never did Lucy ever realise that Rajesh had become her only confident to share all her problems in that residential institute away from her home. By the time they had reached final year Rajesh was very much present in every moment of the day. Be it working in computer lab, or having tea in the canteen or reading for late hours in library Lucy would depend on Rajesh. Lucy had to do some field work as part of her Elective and it was Rajesh who accompanied her. Even though the whole campus would talk of the thick relationship between Rajesh and Lucy, they never realised it was love. For them it was only friendship or something which they could not understand.

Then final semester was over and there was an interview call for Lucy from Mumbai and she had to travel alone. The thought of travelling alone to Mumbai made her feel anxious. Was it because she was already in love with Rajesh and hence needed his support or was she really afraid to go alone to Mumbai? But Rajesh agreed to accompany her. They had a common friend in Mumbai hence they could stay at their place and attend the interview and then return. They boarded the train and after a while Lucy fell asleep. Unknowingly she had kept her head on Rajesh’s shoulders and Rajesh could not understand why his heart started beating so heavily. Until Lucy woke up he tried his level best to keep himself cool. It was a general compartment and a girl leaning her head to the shoulder of a boy was also considered weird. Rajesh was aware of strange stares from passengers around, but he would not disturb the sleeping Lucy or Sleeping beauty!! Lucy felt ashamed and sorry when she got up. But she realized how secure and safe she felt sleeping on the shoulder of Rajesh. Even Rajesh could feel why he volunteered to accompany Lucy, why he would not disturb her while she slept. So actions had spoken more than words. Both of them realised that they have already accepted each other.

Its ten years hence this happened. Both of them happily married and proud parents of a child. But even today while travelling when Lucy keeps her head on Rajesh’s shoulder the same lightening effect goes through him.

Do you also have anything to share?


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