Childhood of rhymes and Stories

Recently while viewing the Rhymes and stories on KIDSHUT, m thoughts wandered on childhood and now and the lessons we got from it. I chose the simple two here.

“If you are happy and you know it”

As a small kid I felt it was a wonderful rhyme with lot of energy and things kids like to imitate and enjoy. Which child does not feel happy to clap, jump or to stamp feet. This rhyme was full of energy and had all ingredients a child would love.

But when I grew up the meaning changed for me. When we get into competitive world and lost in the fast track of life we loose the child in us and hence forget to celebrate the things that bring happiness to us. As a child we celebrate every small wins and we also show our happiness. But as we grow we tend ignore to celebrate and express our happiness. The happiness a child feels and expresses when it gets a toffee is far more than a man’s happiness when he gets a salary hike or a promotion. Its just because people have lost the express and bring out the child in them. Imagine if everyone decides to express their happiness and start celebrating how energetic this world would look like. And this happiness is a contagious thing it can bring smiles on people around you too. So why don’t all people take a lesson out of this Rhyme and show their happiness. So first thing is to find happiness and then certainly to celebrate it.

Won’t this small change in life bring a big change in world…………………….. FOR HAPPY WORLD.

The Thirsty Crow

This childhood story is one of my favorites. I have listened this story hundreds and thousands of times and also repeated same to my daughter. In this story the thirsty crow overcomes a tricky situation of small mouthed bottle/pot with little water at the bottom. It drops pebbles to get the water level up by dropping pebbles and increasing the water level. And drinks water and flies happily.

This simple story tells us there is no problem which can not be solved. Given a little thought any damn problem can be solved all we need is to spread our wings of imagination. When things get tougher just think of this ‘Thirsty Crow’ and I am sure you will find a way out of it. I love some newer versions of the Thirsty crow too.

Kids Rhymes and stories are not just for kids its for all and apart from learning language there are multiple lessons one an take from these.

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