Do not blindly forward it…


You have heard of grapevine, gossip and rumour right? And did you think you were not the one who would easily fall prey to those? If someone told the boss is having affair with his PA you are least bothered, If neighbor said the guy living upstairs might be a terrorist you did not blindly believe her. But now when it comes to internet you just forward each and everything thing which sounds interesting or never heard of.. right? why is it?

Some one forwarded a photo telling Congress is making a Yaga to invite aliens, everyone forwarded it in whatsApp and laughed at congress. But they never realized they were such big fools to believe the news.

Then there are many forwards which ask you to forward the message to ten people and you will get auto-recharge, or the picture will change, so on and so forth. I agree you want to test it, ok test it, but how many of you ever go back and send a message that it did not work? At least that way everybody realizes such things wont work.

The biggest fraud of all is forwards like ‘Telegram’ is an Indian messenger application and Modi asked to install it. How many so called software engineers forwarded it!! were you also one of them? You were rather marketing a foreign product which was not even as good and safe as whatsapp!!

Jokes making fun of women, and even women forward it!! I am sure now why the half of the world considers women as Dumb.

There is this video of a girl singing a nice Hindi Song. Neither the name of the girl, nor her city nor the senders information is there in the video. But everybody is requesting to forward that video telling it will help the girl get publicity. Now I wonder how many men with ill will approach her promising her of bright future and misuse her innocence!! If somebody really wanted to help, he or she would have given their contact details so that the people wanting to help would have had a point of contact.

Forwards like – Today you will see many moons, or there will be no light for 48 hours, sun will disappear etc are so hilarious. Whatsapp works on internet, Facebook works on internet why not just Google it out and confirm before forwarding?

Kids lost, or kids found, blood needed all these forwards have some good will behind them, but make sure to add some date, name of place etc so that when it goes on circulating around the world through out the year or years, someone will cross check and find out if its relevant or not and stop forwarding.

Friends forward a joke, forward inspirational quotes, forward all good things. Before you forward anything, just make sure the information you are sending to the world around there is true, helps someone and important of all does not harm anyone!!


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