Life in America

Hi Friends,

Just reached US one month back and its time I share my experience here. I am sure unless I note it down I might not remember what all I noticed here in my first visit. Also my views might differ if I continue to stay for more years here. 🙂

Watching Amercia in movies is definitely different from being here. We will feel the cold weather, we can feel the warmth of people, we will learn courtesy, we will appreciate the cleanliness and systematic way of life.IMG_1120

We will definitely miss the freedom we had in India. You feel like you are caged without a car here. Because you cannot just walk somewhere and get an auto if you feel tired. In India even if I go out without carrying any mobile or money at least I can catch an auto all the way till home and pay the driver after reaching home. Here If I forget to take my cell phone then I cant call a taxi, I wont get any on the road!!

Very unpredictable weather. Good that I came in Summer here. So we can mover around without a car. But when I went for a walk as it was a bright day suddenly it rained!!

We need to always keep track of weather by watching weather alerts. Most of the time they are right.

Can you believe we dont see price tags on grocery products here. No MRP mentioned on any product. Every shop has its own pricing and different prices for same product in different shops. Hence you should be very careful while buying groceries on regular basis or in large quantities. Go the nearby shop for emergency needs, go to the best priced shop for regular shopping.

I live in Edison and I meet many Indians. In fact if we go to any mall or park we feel that we are in India and can see many foreigners here!! Well when it comes Indians, most of the old people miss India. They want to go back. And most of the people of my age who have been living here for more than 5 years, blame India. They keep telling, oh I cant tolerate that in India, I dont like this in India and so on!! I wonder will I also start talking like that if I stay here for long?? I hope not.

They do not make any false statements but why highlight it so much? If my house is not clean instead of living in somebody’s clean house, I should clean my house and live in it. But its not easy as said.crotonpark (7)

Also people living from many years here, have a very negative image of India. Lot has changed in India. I feel we are more aware of pollution hazards, environmental challenges in India rather than US. Even though US can easily ban plastic usage and make people use more and more biodegradable products, they have not yet started it.

I had put my daughter in one of the best schools of Hyderabad and the public school here is no match to it. But its free. Our government schools in India just cannot match the government schools of US. But if I need a school as good as the one she was studying in India, I will have to pay almost 10 times the fee I paid in India. I think so. I have to check the fee structure of best private schools here.

Well there is lot to write.. hope I will divide them properly to specific topics and discuss in my future posts.

Till then bye bye.


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