Patel Brothers Oak Tree Road Edison

No wonder Edison is called little India in US, we get to see Indians where ever we go whether its shopping mall, Hotel or parks. Why go so far I have many Indian neighbors in our community itself.

I have been thinking of writing about Patel Brothers the Indian grocery shop from many days, but could not do it, so I thought let me do it today. As you can see in the picture, the Patel brothers Grocery shop covers a very big space on the corner of Oak tree road. You get almost everything here. The beauty of this store is, you wont find such a store anywhere in India, because here you get the whole Indian products under one roof. You have products preferred by Kannadigas, products preferred by Gujratis, North Indians, South Indians and each and every corner specials. Does it happen in India. India we have to go to Gujrat to buy the Bhakri chai powder, you should go to Kerala to buy banana chips, you will get Parachute coconut oil in south India and get mustard oil in north India, but here you can buy anything and everything.

patelbrothers (1)  patel brothers shop patelbrothers (9)

patelbrothers (8)patelbrothers (5)patelbrothers (2)  I am a global citizen when it comes to thinking but I am a pure vegetarian Indian when it comes to cooking and eating. I try all delicacies of India, so I am so happy that I can gongura chutny, sarso ka sag, sabbasige palya so on and so forth.

We used to make something called Patrode in karnataka, the Gujrati Paatra is v22ery similar to that, you get it ready to eat at Patel brothers for just $2. Also we get ready to eat Masala dosa, rava dosa, uttappam and so on.

We get frozen freshly grated coconut, dessicated coconut, tender coconuts, regular coconuts, the plantain vegetable, oh the list never ends.

I bought Kumkum,and  mysore sandal agarbatti to make puja.

I bought Shikakai powder and Henna powder which I never did when I was in India!!!

You will get Amrutanjan, zandu balm or what ever other Indian brand you prefer..

When I keep telling all the list to my mom over phone, she says they should also come and live in US!!

Thanks to Patel Brothers for such a huge collection of  variety of products.


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