AMC Dine in Theatre Menlo Park Mall

Hi Friends welcome back to my series on Life in America.

My husband is yet to get Drivers License, and Taxi being costly here, life is kind of boring without car. Luckily I have few places which could be reached by walk. Even then the summer heat is so high that its not that easy to walk even a mile. Here in US people mention distance in miles and not in Kilometers as in India. So we keep converting it to kilometer just as we convert dollars to rupees every time we have to buy things!!

So yesterday I decided I will take my daughter to a movie in the AMC Dine in Theater not waiting for week ends or nights so that husband can accompany us. The show was at 3.15 and we left home around 2.45pm. I did not buy it online as it showed ticket value total as $20 and another $2 as convenience fee. I thought that convenience fee must be for buying online. I think I was right.amc-dine-in-theatres

I had seen that AMC theater comes on the back side so I thought it would be easier to walk from outside, so we walked towards Macy’s went inside Macy’s and came outside. But that was a wrong decision as the AMC theater is in first floor. Again went inside the mall came to first floor and entered the theater from there. By now it was almost 3 pm or so. I thought waiting in the queue would consume more time so went to buy the tickets in Ticket vending machine. But somehow it did not work out. Meanwhile a kind lady offered me to lend her membership card so that I will get 50% discount. But as I had already swiped my debit card I told her Thanks but I already swiped my card. She said OK and left. Then I realized that the machine did not accept my card and I had to wait in the queue again. Bought the tickets when my turn came and asked her if the movie already started, she said no, not yet. I felt good, but was wondering its already 3.30pm or so, how come it did not begin yet. We went to our Screen NO.5 and with the help of staff there found our seat E1 & E2. It was not difficult to find, the alphabets were written in big font on the floor itself.

All chairs had a button so that we could call the waitress and order food, the menu, ketchup, salt and pepper everything was kept beside all seats.

I realized the movie has not started yet, many ads of the movies coming in next months, releasing as late as October were advertised. I was wondering what is the need to advertise about the movies which are coming in October, still 2 more months to go. But I felt the secret life of pets would be good one to watch.

Finally the movie begun, it was good. Audience started getting the foods which they had ordered. I did not feel like ordering anything as it would distract my daughter and we don’t need anything to eat in a movie which is hardly one and half hour long. Unlike Indian movies it did not have any interval. I don’t know if there are no intervals in American movie theaters or it was so because it was a dine in theater.!

The movie was over by 5pm or so. I wondered if it is over or it is a break. As I could see all the movie crew list scrolling on the screen I knew its over but still waited for more people to leave the hall. Then I was sure its really over!! Came out with my daughter, she enjoyed the movie a lot. We went to washroom refreshed and entered the Menlo Park mall again.

I was feeling hungry, so was my daughter. Bought some pretzels in Auntie Anne’s and a Lemonade. It cost somewhere around 10 dollars. Lemonade was really good. The pretzels were little salty but were fresh and tasty otherwise.original-nuggets

From there we went to Roosevelt park, spent another another three hours there. My husband joined us there. Then we walked back home.

My husband told us that we saw a movie in


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