Smt Veena Mohan Harikathe Schedule 2018

April 29th : Narasimha avatara at Srivari temple nj

June 9th. : Sri Vadirajaru at Sri Krishna Vrundavana nj

June 16th : Akka Mahadevi Sonerset nj

August 25th: Seeta Kalyana in English Staten Island

September 8th : sri Purandaradasa inEnglish Pomona temple NY

September 22: Parvati Kalyana south jersey

November 10 : Babruvahana Tennesse


Game Changer is here

Do you love playing games? Which games do you play? Chess, snake and ladder scrabble or Virtual villagers, candy crush or angry birds? Have you won thousands of games and beaten number of people in your scores? Thats great. So what profit did you make? You must have spent hours playing games on the net, must have downloaded lot of applications, might have even paid for some lives, paid for downloading games and what are the returns? Just Time Pass and Fun?

Here is a Game Changer entering the market. From now on, your addiction to games is not only an enjoyable experience but profitable too. Dont believe? Still have doubts? Asking me how much I need to invest?

Yes, I am telling the truth, and No you do not have to invest a penny for that.

Most of the time when I played games like Virtual villagers or Angry birds clearing the levels and putting so much effort, I always thought instead of building a house for virtual villagers what if I could build a real one for myself? Instead of earning highest score in Angrybirds what if I could highest salary. Not even salary if only scoring highest or clearing levels in the shortest time than millions of others had any tangible credit to the player. Now here it is.

fatcat logo

Fat Cat is launching Lucky 6 a game which is fun, entertaining, challenging and rewarding.

Yes, you heard it right. Its rewarding. You get actual real prizes for winning. You can win Cash Jackpots and Luxury Prizes. Not just badges or scores!!

Its challenging. Your 7 year old kid cannot beat you in this game so easily. If he has to beat you, then he has to do some hard work for that. Yes, it needs some brains. Do you have it? Then its for you. You do not have? Then you can be happy with the chocolates games on Facebook.

Because it is challenging and rewarding it automatically becomes more interesting and addictive. Yes, you heard it right, its definitely going to be addictive. But whats wrong, better to get addicted to something which gives you returns than to get addicted to something which empties your pocket.

You play with friends and family. You invite others and when they win you win a share of the Jackpot prize. Isn’t it great? Instead of competing with friends, here you are playing with friends. If you are the smart guy in your group, you will be in more demand. If you have smart friends around you, the chances of winning are more.

  • Free Installing
    • Yes you heard it right. You do not have to pay for downloading it. There are two versions IOS and Android. You are never asked to buy lives. You dont have to be a premium member or any such thing to hit the Jackpot. So fair and simple. It is just like any honest genuine competition you ever attended in life. I am saying this because these days, people earn degrees by paying money!!!
  • Simple Game
    • Very simple game. Because I said challenging dont be under the impressions its only for mathematicians or scientists. Its for all the common people. The people who are aware of brands. Yes Brands. Have you heard of Google, Apple, IBM, Mercedes, Mc Donald, TaTa, Reliance, Airtel , Coco Cola ? Which are the top 6 brands as per your views? Does it sound interesting? Yes It is interesting. You just have to select the Top 6 brands which you think will top in the Capital market on the day you are playing the game. If your 6 matches with the Top 6 at the end of the day. Then You hit the Jackpot!!!!! Hip Hip Hurray.. Simple isn’t it?
  • Social
    • So what is Social doing here? Yes, all your friends in facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp, Hike and your office and your family members where ever they me on earth can be of help to you in this game. You can be of help to them too. You add a friend to your crowd and if his selection matches with the final 6 on the day, he wins Jackpot and you win a part of the amount too!! So you will not hesitate to add people, rather you will be adding more and more people.
  • Real Rewards
    • You are getting real rewards for winning. Its in cash and luxury prizes. You are not made to pay from pocket when you are stuck at level unlike other games.

Believe it or not India is the chosen country to launch

this game for first time ever

Fat cat has chosen India as its first destination to launch Lucky 6. India tops the list in the maximum use of Social Applications. Social will never be Social unless you share things. And Indians are good at sharing. They want to have fun and want their friends to have fun too. Hence Fat Cat has chosen to launch its dream game application Lucky 6 in India.

fatcat sharing

This is going to create a revolution in the Indian gaming scenario followed by world as it is giving rewards in cash. Not just cash, but huge amounts. It is a crowd funded initiative. You can be a part of it too. Click here for more details.

I have been lot of games since the introduction of internet and always felt guilty for wasting my precious time. Of course there are King Players who beat my record in the amount of time spent and number of levels reached. But was it worth it? Now when I look at this game, which is free to install, and its not like gambling. You are not choosing some odd numbers you are choosing most well known brands. And if you are a novice when it comes to brands you will go google and find out. You will discuss on brands with friends. Isn’t it so refreshing and enganging for educated and intellingent people like you and me. Your kids will not come and tell they have beaten your scores, if they want to beat, instead of spending hours on the game, they will spend some time to improve their General knoweldge on brands too. They will start reading newspapers, they will start following TV news, they will not ask you to change the channel if you are watching Business Channels.

I find it so interesting being a fan of Business world.

Uplifting Brands

The game not only tests our Brand knowledge but sooner it will be a test to brands too. There will be reverse action where in the brands would like to know which brands stood in the highest place as per the players!! I do not know whether Fat Cat thought of this, but I do feel this will happen. Free installation and real prizes. Friends win you win. So its going to be viral anyway. And ones millions of people start using there will be debates in all friend circles about brands and why they think that should be the top 6. It will be a test for the brands to know their brand equity, Brand image and positioning of their brands in India and in the global scenario when game enters all countries.

Lucky 6 by fat catI have downloaded the game to my mobile and started exploring it. Have you?

Explore more about the game here Fat Cat Gaming


Dear friends,

following the incident at VIBGYOR Bangalore, its Charmain has been arrested. Here is a news article which talks about POSCO ACT and we all should know about it. I am copy pasting the content from

He has been booked under section 23 of Juvenile Justice Act for cruelty to the child, section 21 of the Prevention Of Children from Sexual Offences act (POCSO) act for not reporting rape to police, and section 201 of IPC for destroying evidence.

This means that Rustum Kerawala might face imprisonment upto seven years for destroying evidence of rape, if he is convicted. It also means that he will face imprisonment upto six months and/or fine, for wilfully neglecting the child and causing physical / mental harassment, and for not reporting rape to police or Child Welfare Committee.

“We are probing other staff members as part of investigations. We are trying to normalise the situation, and reopen the school on next Monday,” said Reddi. He added that all such cases should immediately be brought into the notice of the police.

When Citizen Matters asked whether there was enough forensic evidence in case of Mustafa, M N Reddi said, “We cannot reveal that.” When asked why is it taking so much time to arrest the second accused, Reddi said it was because it was a heinous crime and needs enough evidence.

Charges against Vigyor chairman under POSCO act

Section 21(2) of the POSCO law goes into offence comitted by heads of institutions such as the specific case of Vibgyor High School.

Any person, being in-charge of any company or an institution (by whatever name called) fails to report the commission of an offence in respect of a subordinate under his control, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year and with fine.  21(2)

Bangalore police have arrested Rustum Kerawala under Section 21, in addition to other IPC codes.

POCSO section 19 and 20 refer to rules regarding intimating the police, and punishment for the offence of not intimating.

Any person whether a parent, doctor, school personnel, who has any knowledge, or even apprehension of the fact that a sexual offence has been committed must notify the Special Juvenile Police Unit or the local police.” — 19(1)

Any person, who fails to report an offence or who fails to record such an offence (in this case it is the police unit who are suppose to record the case) shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to six months or with fine or with both. — 20(1)

The POSCO Act is a special law, which has not specified which offences are cognizable. Therefore to determine which of the POCSO Act offences are cognizable and non-bailable, reliance must be placed exclusively on Part II (Classification Of Offences Against Other Laws), First Schedule of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.

Whenever the punishment is less than three years of imprisonment, the offence would be non-cognizable and bailable. Any higher term of imprisonment beginning from three years and above would make such offence cognizable and non-bailable. Hence all sections are cognizable, with the exception of section 21 and 22 which are non cognizable and bailable offences.

What do other charges mean?

Police have slapped addition charges on Kerawala as part of his arrest, Section 23 of the Juvenile Justice law  and Section 201 of the IPC.

The charge on the juvenile justice law has to do neglect or wilful abandonment of the child likely to cause mental or physical suffering. The charge on IPC 201 is grave and has to do with destruction of evidence.

Section 201 in The Indian Penal Code

201. Causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information to screen offender — Whoever, knowing or having reason to believe that an offence has been committed, causes any evidence of the commission of that offence to disappear, with the intention of screening the offend­er from legal punishment, or with that intention gives any infor­mation respecting the offence which he knows or believes to be false; if a capital offence.—shall, if the offence which he knows or believes to have been committed is punishable with death, be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine; if punishable with imprisonment for life.—and if the offence is punishable with 1[imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment which may extend to ten years, shall be punished with imprison­ment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine; if punishable with less than ten years’ imprisonment.—and if the offence is punishable with imprisonment for any term not extend­ing to ten years, shall be punished with imprisonment of the description provided for the offence, for a term which may extend to one-fourth part of the longest term of the imprisonment pro­vided for the offence, or with fine, or with both.

Example: Suppose A, knowing that B has raped the child, destroys the evidence of rape. If B is sentenced with life or death, A will get imprisonment upto seven years and a fine. If B is sentenced with imprisonment upto 10 years, A would get imprisonment upto three years and the fine. If A is sentenced for any period less than 10 years, B would get one-fourth of that sentence and fine.

Section 23 in The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000

23. Punishment for cruelty to juvenile or child.— Whoever, having the actual charge of, or control over, a juvenile or the child, assaults, abandons, exposes or wilfully neglects the juvenile or causes or procures him to be assaulted, abandoned, exposed or neglected in a manner likely to cause such juvenile or the child unnecessary mental or physical suffering shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or fine, or with both.


VIBGYOR School – Bangalore incident

Here is an update about the gruesome incident that took place in Vibgyor school Bangalore. A 6 year old child was raped by 2 teachers and the school authorities are not taking responsibility for kids. Here is the updates I got from a parent.

Update on vibgyor incident:Those who
cannot make it today…Here is update

      1. The incident took place on 2nd July and child of 1st grade was sexually assaulted by 2 school teachers.

      2. Two SPA coaches of school are involved in the incident i.e. Gymnastic Teacher and Western Dance Teacher

      3. The incident took place in main block of the school between 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM in some dark room

      4. School is trying to cover up the entire incident and not ready to take any responsibility. School is trying to prove that incident happened outside the school but police confirmed it happened in Main Block

      5. Possibility of more people being involved cannot be ruled out by police as the Aaya (maid) took the timeout and she only took the child to dark room and after that she only took the child to washroom for cleaning on the day of incident

      6. The SPA teachers assaulted child on the pretext of punishing her and threatened her of dire consequences after the incident

      7. Both the teachers are in police custody but not arrested yet8. The class teacher, Primary coordinator, SPA coordinator and other teachers are being questioned by the police. All SPA activities are suspended by the school sine die till the investigation is over.

      8. This is not the 1st incident but many parents highlighted & reported multiple cases of molestation and child abuse within Vibgyor premises in last few years….In-fact last week 1 girl student of 6th class was molested by swimming teacher in school. The gymnastic teacher who is arrested, there were multiple complaints in past against him for taking pics of girl child and molestation. If school would have taken action against Gymnastic teacher on time then this horrific incident could have been avoided.842_horamavu

      9. All parents were aghast and shocked by the attitude of school authorities…The principal was hiding behind and on top of it school authorities named the child in public domain which is a serious crime…Parents were concerned that any tom, dick and harry can be teacher in VIBGYOR HIGH and most of the teachers are working for pocket money…They are not trained teachers & just doing time pass…Send your kids at own risk till end of academic year….It was shocking to know experience of other parents and it is one of most dangerous schools in Bangalore with lot many untold stories of child molestation and abuse.
        Please pass on this message to all your friends through all what’s app groups… A protest march is organized against gang rape of 6 year child in Vibgyor High School, Marathalli, Bangalore on 19th July (Saturday) at 10 am. It will start from Vibgyor School, near kundalahalli gate, thubarahalli, Bangalore….this horrific incident is now covered by national media….please circulate on all What’sapp groups…it will be our small contribution to bigger cause and will help in making world a safer place for kids..

  1. Request all of you to spread this message. Let us join in the fight against such incidents. The school authorities and people involved have to be severely punished. It can happen only with our efforts.

Read the reviews on mouthshut here

I just signed the petition “Karnataka Education Minister Kimmane Ratnakar: Issue directive to all schools in Bangalore to impose security measures for the safety of children” on

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:




Contests to give money or make money?

freshers has come up with the ad participate and win 2 lakhs. It is calling it as Talent Search 2013, but you need to pay 599/- rupees to participate in that!!! Thus even with 333 people registering they will get 2 Lakh.

Also it claims that top 100 will get job. If it is having the genuine thought of employing the talented people, there is no need to collect money from them. It says it is collecting 599/- to make sure only interested candidates participate!

If you are talented you will definitely get a job without paying money to any Tom, Dick or Harry… so please do not fall into these traps.

I had great respect for freshers world for the hard work they had put to bring all updates about job openings in their website, they should not have got into this means to make money.

Quiz 1


Its long time I prepared for any General Knowledge Quiz.. So here I give one…so just check it out.. we could easily answer all these questions during high school days.. can you answer now too?

1.who is called as the father of electricity?
2.who invented Telephone?
3.who invented Television?
4.What is the full form of APJ.. In former President APJ Abdul Kalam’s name?
5.who is the present Governor of RBI



2.Alexander Graham Bell
4.Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

YSR is Dead, Long Live YSR

YSR might be a well known person to the whole of Andhra Pradesh, but nation is knowing his worth only now. This is what happens always, we will be having living legends around us, and would know of him or her, only after losing them.

Now all the news and media talk about his initiatives to help the poor. How he was termed people’s man. why don’t they do that when the person is alive. It will be moral booster, a true tribute, to the living soul. Often in India, Bharat Ratna and other honors are given after the death of a person, but all these appreciation and award should be given to people, when they are alive and energetic. That way they can do more, others are motivated to follow their footsteps.

On the birthdays of super stars we will have their success stories, all challenges they faced, their films, songs etc etc aired on all TV Channels, but this does not happen with other good politicians, Police officers, or IAS officers, and other Artists. why is it so?

when will have programs like this commissioner turned 50 and his achievements, when will be celebrate the birthdays of great teachers, Social workers, Business men etc?

And its really good the way cable operators removed all other channels except news channels in showing respect to the departed soul.

If they do not air any advertisements during these news events, then it will be a humane way to react to the demise of people’s minister.