Subhiksha Orphanage

Charity has become a way to earn money for various people. Thus its difficult for the common man to identify genuine helping hands from those which act like genuine but on the other hand just fool people. Thus it is good to share news about actual existing Orphanages, old age homes and other Social Service oriented establishments so that people who would like to donate or be a part of it can be made aware of such entities. So I thought of sharing news about Subhikhsa Orphanage. Came across it in TheHindu newspaper and after that collected more information from net.

The news I read about was Subhiksha orphanage, but what I found on net is this. Hope both are same. Visit their website on

Subhiksha voluntary organisation
Plot No. 154, Arunoday Nivas
Doyens Township, Near HCU
Gachibowli, Serilingampally Mandal,
Hyderabad – 5000019
Andhra Pradesh
Tel: 040 60501664
Mobile: +91 9959027192,8885550212

Here is the link to news article


Offering eggs at temple?

Women offering milk and eggs to snakes on the occasion of ‘Nagula Chavithi’ at a temple near Clock Tower in Secunderabad on Monday. –PHOTO: SATYANARAYANA GOLA

This is what mentioned in the national daily The Hindu newspaper in Hyderabad edition. But I was really shocked to read offering milk & eggs at a temple!! From when did people start offering eggs in Temple? Or is it the case? Because I really hate the smell when I visit temples which have this Naaga Idols in temples. I was under the impression the bad smell is because of the spoilt milk which is poured on these idols on special occasions like Naaga panchami or others performing pooja to Naaga ( Snake ) gods. But todays caption in Hindu photo really surprised me.

Temples are the most auspicious places for a Hindu and we do not enter it without taking bath or carrying anything which is considered not auspicious. We do not even wear foot wear in the premises of temple. Even non-vegetarians do not eat non veg on festivals and few week days when they perform pooja.

In that case how can one allow people to offer eggs in Temple? is that the ignorance of the journalist who wrote the caption? Or is such practice really exists in Hyderabad and I am ignorant of it?

South Zone Skating Competition in Hyderabad

DRS International School Hyderabad

DRS International School Hyderabad

Silver Oaks Coach guiding skaters.

Silver Oaks Coach guiding skaters.

Event – CBSE South Zone Skating Championship Boys &Girls 2014 – 2015

Dated 28th to 30th September 2014

southzone skating

Organizing School Name – DRS International School Hyderabad
School Address DRS International School, Survey No:523,Opp:Apparel park, Gundlapochampally Village,Medchal mandalam, Rangaraddy Dist Hyderabad, Telangana State-500 014.

School Principal -Mr.Janajith Ray

Inaugural Ceremony 28-09-2014, 09:30a.m.
Valedictory Ceremony 30-09-2014, 4:30 p.m.
Contact Number 040 23792123,24,
Email ,

Location From Secunderabad Rly Stn 25 KMS
From Nampally Rly Stn 35 KMS
From Kachiguda Rly Stn 35 KMS
From Shamshabad Airport 60 KMS
From MG Bus Station Gowliguda 50 KMS

Contact Persons Mr. Martin 09959829147, 09440449945.
Mr. Noor 09246533458, 09030680166.
Mr. V Sreeramulu, 09492865250.

Walking and Talking ads spotted in Nizampet

Talking ads – A new marketing concept

Today while waiting for my daughter near bus stop I saw these two boys who had tied these hoardings on their back and were talking with each other. At first glance it did not look very pleasant though. But I approached them and talked to them about their experience. They said it is nice. The concept was the idea of their boss. People do show interest, they come and talk to them about the product. They were also holding pamphlets which they gave to every prospect who showed interest in their product.

talking ads

Its a novel idea as long as the marketing guys and gals enjoy doing it. Because if they look unhappy carrying that board on their back, it will not create a positive image of the product. Inturn if they look happy, then it is a better way to market as they can keep moving from one place to other, one street to other with that board.

print ads

Walking and Talking ads

In this particular photo they are carrying the ad of a pre-primary school. Thus daily they can stand near one or the other day care centers, other pre-primary schools, play schools, parks etc. Nobody can come and remove their hoarding, nor can they paste other ads on the board!!! That is a great advantage indeed isn’t it? Also it will create employment for jobseekers.

I feel this type of work will specially work for kids related products, if the person holding ad is found to be more attractive with balloons etc, they can promote more kids related products.