Game Changer is here

Do you love playing games? Which games do you play? Chess, snake and ladder scrabble or Virtual villagers, candy crush or angry birds? Have you won thousands of games and beaten number of people in your scores? Thats great. So what profit did you make? You must have spent hours playing games on the net, must have downloaded lot of applications, might have even paid for some lives, paid for downloading games and what are the returns? Just Time Pass and Fun?

Here is a Game Changer entering the market. From now on, your addiction to games is not only an enjoyable experience but profitable too. Dont believe? Still have doubts? Asking me how much I need to invest?

Yes, I am telling the truth, and No you do not have to invest a penny for that.

Most of the time when I played games like Virtual villagers or Angry birds clearing the levels and putting so much effort, I always thought instead of building a house for virtual villagers what if I could build a real one for myself? Instead of earning highest score in Angrybirds what if I could highest salary. Not even salary if only scoring highest or clearing levels in the shortest time than millions of others had any tangible credit to the player. Now here it is.

fatcat logo

Fat Cat is launching Lucky 6 a game which is fun, entertaining, challenging and rewarding.

Yes, you heard it right. Its rewarding. You get actual real prizes for winning. You can win Cash Jackpots and Luxury Prizes. Not just badges or scores!!

Its challenging. Your 7 year old kid cannot beat you in this game so easily. If he has to beat you, then he has to do some hard work for that. Yes, it needs some brains. Do you have it? Then its for you. You do not have? Then you can be happy with the chocolates games on Facebook.

Because it is challenging and rewarding it automatically becomes more interesting and addictive. Yes, you heard it right, its definitely going to be addictive. But whats wrong, better to get addicted to something which gives you returns than to get addicted to something which empties your pocket.

You play with friends and family. You invite others and when they win you win a share of the Jackpot prize. Isn’t it great? Instead of competing with friends, here you are playing with friends. If you are the smart guy in your group, you will be in more demand. If you have smart friends around you, the chances of winning are more.

  • Free Installing
    • Yes you heard it right. You do not have to pay for downloading it. There are two versions IOS and Android. You are never asked to buy lives. You dont have to be a premium member or any such thing to hit the Jackpot. So fair and simple. It is just like any honest genuine competition you ever attended in life. I am saying this because these days, people earn degrees by paying money!!!
  • Simple Game
    • Very simple game. Because I said challenging dont be under the impressions its only for mathematicians or scientists. Its for all the common people. The people who are aware of brands. Yes Brands. Have you heard of Google, Apple, IBM, Mercedes, Mc Donald, TaTa, Reliance, Airtel , Coco Cola ? Which are the top 6 brands as per your views? Does it sound interesting? Yes It is interesting. You just have to select the Top 6 brands which you think will top in the Capital market on the day you are playing the game. If your 6 matches with the Top 6 at the end of the day. Then You hit the Jackpot!!!!! Hip Hip Hurray.. Simple isn’t it?
  • Social
    • So what is Social doing here? Yes, all your friends in facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp, Hike and your office and your family members where ever they me on earth can be of help to you in this game. You can be of help to them too. You add a friend to your crowd and if his selection matches with the final 6 on the day, he wins Jackpot and you win a part of the amount too!! So you will not hesitate to add people, rather you will be adding more and more people.
  • Real Rewards
    • You are getting real rewards for winning. Its in cash and luxury prizes. You are not made to pay from pocket when you are stuck at level unlike other games.

Believe it or not India is the chosen country to launch

this game for first time ever

Fat cat has chosen India as its first destination to launch Lucky 6. India tops the list in the maximum use of Social Applications. Social will never be Social unless you share things. And Indians are good at sharing. They want to have fun and want their friends to have fun too. Hence Fat Cat has chosen to launch its dream game application Lucky 6 in India.

fatcat sharing

This is going to create a revolution in the Indian gaming scenario followed by world as it is giving rewards in cash. Not just cash, but huge amounts. It is a crowd funded initiative. You can be a part of it too. Click here for more details.

I have been lot of games since the introduction of internet and always felt guilty for wasting my precious time. Of course there are King Players who beat my record in the amount of time spent and number of levels reached. But was it worth it? Now when I look at this game, which is free to install, and its not like gambling. You are not choosing some odd numbers you are choosing most well known brands. And if you are a novice when it comes to brands you will go google and find out. You will discuss on brands with friends. Isn’t it so refreshing and enganging for educated and intellingent people like you and me. Your kids will not come and tell they have beaten your scores, if they want to beat, instead of spending hours on the game, they will spend some time to improve their General knoweldge on brands too. They will start reading newspapers, they will start following TV news, they will not ask you to change the channel if you are watching Business Channels.

I find it so interesting being a fan of Business world.

Uplifting Brands

The game not only tests our Brand knowledge but sooner it will be a test to brands too. There will be reverse action where in the brands would like to know which brands stood in the highest place as per the players!! I do not know whether Fat Cat thought of this, but I do feel this will happen. Free installation and real prizes. Friends win you win. So its going to be viral anyway. And ones millions of people start using there will be debates in all friend circles about brands and why they think that should be the top 6. It will be a test for the brands to know their brand equity, Brand image and positioning of their brands in India and in the global scenario when game enters all countries.

Lucky 6 by fat catI have downloaded the game to my mobile and started exploring it. Have you?

Explore more about the game here Fat Cat Gaming



Visit Parachute Body Lotion at,   #BringBackTheTouch.

when words cannot convey message, the touch does. Of all the action words found in English Language, Touch is the one which has larger than life meaning to it. Mother’s Touch, Baby Touch, Touch me not, UnTouchable so on and so forth. So which Touch are we talking about today?

In India we are more of Touch me Nots than Touch me types. we prefer to fold our hands and greet a person than shaking his hand with that of ours. We bend and bow to our parents than hug them. I am not telling I hate or dislike our culture. I have all the respect for it and I am proud of it. But there has to be a distinction. We need to understand whom to bow and whom to hug. We need to teach the Touch lessons to our kids.

Here is the story of my friend Lucy who did her Engineering from one of the prestigious colleges of Bangalore. Very ambitious, hard working and Social girl. She would participate in almost all events of college. She had many good friends around her but there was one who hailed from her native place and he was Rajesh. Rajesh was not so charming or dashing. Lucy never gave more importance to him as she never felt that she would enjoy his company. The kiddish pranks of Rajesh irriated Lucy more than making her happy. But never did Lucy ever realise that Rajesh had become her only confident to share all her problems in that residential institute away from her home. By the time they had reached final year Rajesh was very much present in every moment of the day. Be it working in computer lab, or having tea in the canteen or reading for late hours in library Lucy would depend on Rajesh. Lucy had to do some field work as part of her Elective and it was Rajesh who accompanied her. Even though the whole campus would talk of the thick relationship between Rajesh and Lucy, they never realised it was love. For them it was only friendship or something which they could not understand.

Then final semester was over and there was an interview call for Lucy from Mumbai and she had to travel alone. The thought of travelling alone to Mumbai made her feel anxious. Was it because she was already in love with Rajesh and hence needed his support or was she really afraid to go alone to Mumbai? But Rajesh agreed to accompany her. They had a common friend in Mumbai hence they could stay at their place and attend the interview and then return. They boarded the train and after a while Lucy fell asleep. Unknowingly she had kept her head on Rajesh’s shoulders and Rajesh could not understand why his heart started beating so heavily. Until Lucy woke up he tried his level best to keep himself cool. It was a general compartment and a girl leaning her head to the shoulder of a boy was also considered weird. Rajesh was aware of strange stares from passengers around, but he would not disturb the sleeping Lucy or Sleeping beauty!! Lucy felt ashamed and sorry when she got up. But she realized how secure and safe she felt sleeping on the shoulder of Rajesh. Even Rajesh could feel why he volunteered to accompany Lucy, why he would not disturb her while she slept. So actions had spoken more than words. Both of them realised that they have already accepted each other.

Its ten years hence this happened. Both of them happily married and proud parents of a child. But even today while travelling when Lucy keeps her head on Rajesh’s shoulder the same lightening effect goes through him.

Do you also have anything to share?

I love Travelling but hate Travelling !!!

I love to travel, I love to visit new places, I love the long journeys in Train rather than flight. It’s good to sit on the window side of a bus and watch the trees, lakes, houses, people, kids, vehicles all go behind you. Any time of the year, the wind blowing through the windows when you are on the move is so refreshing. But still off late I have avoided traveling to as much as possible. I travel to long distances only if it is absolutely necessary.  Do you know why? It’s because of the stinking toilets. Whether we travel in ultra luxury bus, private owned bus, own car or 1 AC coach in Train the toilets you come across does stink.

Forget all these I even left my job at UCO Bank because of no separate toilet for ladies, and the toilet did not have a proper door and wasn’t kept clean. Sounds weird does it? No its the truth. Being an officer I was expected to be in bank by 10 am and stay till 8pm. Sometimes beyond that as the Branch had a currency chest and I had to wait until all the currency came. In my one week at UCO Bank I never stayed till 10pm but I did stay till 7pm almost everyday and had to use the toilet at least once in a day. Other ladies did not use it at all. Because they were in the designation of clerk, hence they came at 10.30 left at sharp 5.30 and somehow controlled during day time. But for me long hours, coming from long distance made it impossible not to use toilet. But using it was a torture. I told the manager, he said you take the initiative you get it cleaned. But the person who was appointed for cleaning the same hardly obeyed me, as I was a new employee, and I did not have any power to punish him!!

So I knew that even if I apply for transfer or if I take this matter up to higher levels I do have to use this toilet until the problem is resolved and that was not possible. So I just quit the job!!!

Ok coming back to the story of traveling, so if the situation is so worse at a nationalized bank, imagine situations at road side hotels!! Rarely we come across clean toilets. During my travel I have observed three types of people,

  1. Those who practice cleanliness, they want clean toilets and also they do pour enough water even when they use public toilets
  2. Those who want to use clean toilets but are not bothered to keep it clean for the next person
  3. those who are ok with stinking toilets, that is how it is at their home also anyway.

Thus even if a Hotel is keeping Toilets clean for travellers, by the time 10 people use it, among them there will be few people belonging to second and third category who will not bother about keeping it clean. That is why I hate travelling. The path is more important than the destination. So even before I could dream of the destination, I am lost in the worries of Toilet!!!!

Situation in villages is much more worse. Here I am only bothered about stinking toilet and because of stinking toilets no wonder few people would prefer attending nature’s call in the lap of nature itself. But that is so unsafe specially for the female folk. So many incidents happened in India which make us feel ashamed of our self and our people. Reminds of my childhood when I often visited my grandpa’s place in Somavarasanthe village of Shimoga. we had to walk some 200 feet backside the house to reach the toilet which was in the open, two wooden slabs placed on a gutter which was dug from bathroom till the farms. It was comparatively cleaner than the paternal  grandfather’s village where we had to just walk a lot of distance and fart in open lands. At my maternal grandfather’s place this arrangement was done in the boundary of the house, it had a fence around it, and thus others would not walk there. But still I was always uncomfortable as I could hear the voices of people visiting the house and talking with others. Somewhere I used to feel, then can see me!! And I never went there after the dark. I would wait till morning!!

Thanks to my uncle who build one proper toilet by the time we came to High School and he had a wife and kids. Hope every villager thinks like him and build a toilet in their house. And because of this reason we mostly spent our childhood holidays in maternal grandfather’s place than paternal because of toilet issues. The love for them was no less.

But here is a good news. Looks like I do not have to bother about Toilets anymore. Domex is taking the initiative of building toilets. Hope Things are changing for the good you can help by clicking the contribute link in Domex webpage.

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.


About The Domex Toilet Academy
Domex, HUL’s flagship sanitation brand, currently runs the Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) programme. Domex Toilet Academy was launched on 19th November 2013. It aims to become a sustainable and long-term solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community and helps stimulate the local economy. The Toilet Academy makes toilets accessible and affordable, while promoting the benefits of clean toilets & good hygiene. Our effort has resulted in bringing the change in the villages of Maharashtra and Orissa and we aim to build 24000 toilets by 2015 in rural areas faced with the problem of open defecation.

Healthy Children make happy families.

I am writing this post as a part of Indiblogger’s campaign “Happy Hours”

Dance to the music

Dance to the music

I had never ever thought how much of panic parents will have when their child becomes ill, until I became a parent and felt so helpless to see my daughter suffer from fever or cold once or twice in a year. Children are like the power generators of the house. If they fall ill, the whole energy of the house will be lost. Because with children around every day is like a celebration, and if your son or daughter is ill and cannot eat sweets or dance to the music, what will you celebrate or how will you celebrate or why will you celebrate.

This Diwali just because my daughter got some cold and cough, I have not made any festive food as it requires some ghee, sugar or deep frying which will make her condition worse. Instead if me or my husband were to get cold or cough or even fever, we wont mind preparing the festive dishes just for the sake of daughter. Don’t we? Thus there is no doubt that Healthy children make happy families.

But of late I have been realizing that its just not enough to concentrate on child’s health, even parents should always take care of their health because if they fall ill, they will not be able to keep the children in their full spirits.

Weather it is a family of three people or five or ten people, the children’s health does affect the mood of whole family. Grandparents would enjoy all celebrations irrespective of their health, as the radiance from child’s eyes give them divine energy. I have seen how my mother is full of energy when we visit her during holidays. From where does she get all the energy to prepare different type of dishes as per every one’s choice, how she manages to do all rituals to the grand children which are due on festivals and birthdays. But if the child falls ill, the whole celebration mood is lost.

We would always be arguing with children to change the TV channel as per our choices, and keep telling them you have seen enough. But when the child falls ill, even the TV is available for us 24 hours a day, we hardly feel like putting it on. Nothing would matter more than the child’s recovery.

Thus definitely children are the center of our aspirations, dreams, and ambition. To boost that energy of family, children need to be healthy and giggling around. Its children who keep us get going and aim higher.

To keep them healthy, let us avoid all junk food, unhealthy food habits and make them also realize the benefit of health and let us all adopt a healthy lifestyle for the sake of our children, for the sake of our families.

Thanks to Indiblogger for giving nice topic in Happy Hours.

Fantasy park

Healthy Chidlren

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Deepavali.

The Breeze, that fragrance…

This blog post is for a blogging contest by Godrej.

Fragrances bring sweet memories. When we have to talk about fragrances
and memories, there is not one we can mention. There are many such
fragrances which are present at different places, which bring different

The one I am talking is the breeze of trees and the fragrance of flowers
which welcomed me during the winter season in Mysore. The path was from
Manasa Gangotri ( mysore university campus) till our SJCE college in

Road to Sjce, Mysore

Road to Sjce, Mysore

we used to have classes in the early morning, the road used to be empty
with occasional passersby, most of them used to be students from our
college. And thankfully the days were good enough to enjoy a lonely
drive in the solitary path.

In those early mornings, some times the rain drizzling, I would go to my
college in my ‘Chal meri Luna’ among those trees and flowers enchanting
the eyes and the mind.

Gone are those days, never to return. Will there be any such ride, when
I am going alone in the nature’s free exhibition, not to be worried by
the responsibilities behind..??