Do not blindly forward it…


You have heard of grapevine, gossip and rumour right? And did you think you were not the one who would easily fall prey to those? If someone told the boss is having affair with his PA you are least bothered, If neighbor said the guy living upstairs might be a terrorist you did not blindly believe her. But now when it comes to internet you just forward each and everything thing which sounds interesting or never heard of.. right? why is it?

Some one forwarded a photo telling Congress is making a Yaga to invite aliens, everyone forwarded it in whatsApp and laughed at congress. But they never realized they were such big fools to believe the news.

Then there are many forwards which ask you to forward the message to ten people and you will get auto-recharge, or the picture will change, so on and so forth. I agree you want to test it, ok test it, but how many of you ever go back and send a message that it did not work? At least that way everybody realizes such things wont work.

The biggest fraud of all is forwards like ‘Telegram’ is an Indian messenger application and Modi asked to install it. How many so called software engineers forwarded it!! were you also one of them? You were rather marketing a foreign product which was not even as good and safe as whatsapp!!

Jokes making fun of women, and even women forward it!! I am sure now why the half of the world considers women as Dumb.

There is this video of a girl singing a nice Hindi Song. Neither the name of the girl, nor her city nor the senders information is there in the video. But everybody is requesting to forward that video telling it will help the girl get publicity. Now I wonder how many men with ill will approach her promising her of bright future and misuse her innocence!! If somebody really wanted to help, he or she would have given their contact details so that the people wanting to help would have had a point of contact.

Forwards like – Today you will see many moons, or there will be no light for 48 hours, sun will disappear etc are so hilarious. Whatsapp works on internet, Facebook works on internet why not just Google it out and confirm before forwarding?

Kids lost, or kids found, blood needed all these forwards have some good will behind them, but make sure to add some date, name of place etc so that when it goes on circulating around the world through out the year or years, someone will cross check and find out if its relevant or not and stop forwarding.

Friends forward a joke, forward inspirational quotes, forward all good things. Before you forward anything, just make sure the information you are sending to the world around there is true, helps someone and important of all does not harm anyone!!


My Porcelanosa house would be

Most of the time the word Dream is followed by Dream Home, Dream Girl/Boy and Dream Job. Among these three also Dream Home is something which every one dreams about. People of all ages from Children to Old ones, people of all countries, Rich or Poor, Educated or Illiterate everybody dreams of his or her dream home at least once in his or her lifetime.

When we moved from a small town like Shivamogga to a big city like Mysore in 1985, how excited I was about our new own house. I was so thrilled. I was only a small girl then. But I was little disappointed when I saw the house. At that age I could not understand that owning a house in a city like Mysore itself is a great achievement. I had dreamt of very big house in my imagination. As there were no Digital Cameras or smart phones at that time, my father had not shown the image of house to us! I was too naive to understand its area by listening to the measurements. So my imagination and the real house did not match. But after a while I was happy. We had enough space to grow flower plants and vegetables. So much wind and light. We could climb on the terrace with a ladder which we could not in Shivamogga as it had a roof made of Mangalore tiles. Then even that house became bigger when I was in High School. I had my own room in First floor. I loved to spend most of the time there.

So that is Past now and we are building our own house now, and understand what it means to own a house, plan every inch of the house, get finance, make adjustments in our life style to complete our dream home. To avoid any disappointment to my daughter I ensure she is present in almost all moments of our Dream home in making. So she knows how big it is, where it is, which is her room, How big is her room and so on.

But somewhere I was not really satisfied with the size of the house again!! With Real Estate booming like anything the prices have shot up like Rockets. And I wonder whether my house will be even as big as the house in which I lived from high school days till marriage! But I found a solution. I felt that it is not the big rooms or number of rooms that matter, it is how you design them. The interior design, the walls, the paint the wardrobes, the windows and the curtain and the furniture and our love towards our house and people living in it. That is what makes a dream home. Love is in abundance so no need to worry about it. All I need to worry is planning the walls, the roof, the floor and Kitchen, shelves, bath room tiles and so on. Here I found some virtual solution to my real dream home. 🙂

Here is a topic from Indiblogger and 24living which says  Pick as many items as you can from Porcelanosa to build your dream home. Tell us why you chose them and why”.

Let me start choosing and see how my dream home turns out to be. Good thing Porcelanosa did is that it has mentioned price in its catalog. So no constraints, let me choose the best one for my dream home!

Ours is an independent villa which is under construction. I would like to have some Sit out arrangement in front of the house as we have more space left in the East Side, which is the Entrance. This is how it I want it to be


Porcelanosa Tiles

So I am choosing Dublo Beige Structure for the outdoor flooring. I selected it as it looks rough and it can stand the attack of water from rain and sun shine from Sun. 🙂 Also it is not slippery. Children run around and make lot of fun in out doors and its just suited for that.

I would choose Par-Ker Oxford Antarcita for the Terrace flooring. As we would be spending most mornings and evenings on Terrace. I spent most of my study hours on our Terrace when I was a student.

terrace tileFor Living room I would choose Madagascar Marron. I chose this color because I am very nostalgic about the house where I was born and brought up. Till 1990 we had the Cement flooring which had Red Oxide painted on it. The floor would shine more and more as we would mop it day after day!! The tiled floor never looked so clean and appealing to me. This Maroon colored tiles in the Porcelanosa catalog really matches with my imagination.

living room marronHere is something unique for my Kitchen. I always dreamed of something like this. Most things get lost in big shelves, hence I want to have as many small units as possible so that everything is at my reach. Just look at this.

kitchen porcelanosa

Now let us see what I buy for my bathroom. Here it is

bathroom porcelanosaThere is much more to choose from Porcelanosa. This is enough for the time being.

Friends I am writing this post for Indiblogger’s Happy Hours. But I hope my dream home comes somewhere near to the dream home described here. Thanks for reading.

SD card – flipkart shopping

Hi as I lost my SD card of my camera had to buy one SD card urgently for my camera. I got best price at Flipkart after comparing with Snapdeal and Amazon. Even though Snapdeal quoted less price its delivery charges were high. At flipkart I bought two Sandisk 4 GB memory card for a total of 496. To avail free shipping I had to make the total exceed 500. I really had hard time in searching for a relevant product as most of the products I selected had a different seller and to get free shipping the total should be higher than 500 from same seller ie WS Retail. There was no way I could search for items from WS Retail and sort them. Finally bought Half Girl friend by chetan bhagat for INR 134 and got free shipping. If I compare the total of Snapdeal and Flipkart I got Half girl friend for just 20 Rupees.

I ordered on 2nd november and got it today ie 5th November. Both cards and book neatly packed and in good condition.

The SD card product description should be more detailed as I was not sure whether it will support my cannon camera. But it does support. I was confused as there were many SD cards with 4 GB and classified as Class 1, 2 and so on. I bought class 4 SD card and it does support my camera.

Thank You Flipkart!!

Update – 5th November – I just realized that my Laptop does not recognize the SD card, I had to transfer photos by connecting my camera with laptop !!

South Zone Skating Competition in Hyderabad

DRS International School Hyderabad

DRS International School Hyderabad

Silver Oaks Coach guiding skaters.

Silver Oaks Coach guiding skaters.

Event – CBSE South Zone Skating Championship Boys &Girls 2014 – 2015

Dated 28th to 30th September 2014

southzone skating

Organizing School Name – DRS International School Hyderabad
School Address DRS International School, Survey No:523,Opp:Apparel park, Gundlapochampally Village,Medchal mandalam, Rangaraddy Dist Hyderabad, Telangana State-500 014.

School Principal -Mr.Janajith Ray

Inaugural Ceremony 28-09-2014, 09:30a.m.
Valedictory Ceremony 30-09-2014, 4:30 p.m.
Contact Number 040 23792123,24,
Email ,

Location From Secunderabad Rly Stn 25 KMS
From Nampally Rly Stn 35 KMS
From Kachiguda Rly Stn 35 KMS
From Shamshabad Airport 60 KMS
From MG Bus Station Gowliguda 50 KMS

Contact Persons Mr. Martin 09959829147, 09440449945.
Mr. Noor 09246533458, 09030680166.
Mr. V Sreeramulu, 09492865250.

Walking and Talking ads spotted in Nizampet

Talking ads – A new marketing concept

Today while waiting for my daughter near bus stop I saw these two boys who had tied these hoardings on their back and were talking with each other. At first glance it did not look very pleasant though. But I approached them and talked to them about their experience. They said it is nice. The concept was the idea of their boss. People do show interest, they come and talk to them about the product. They were also holding pamphlets which they gave to every prospect who showed interest in their product.

talking ads

Its a novel idea as long as the marketing guys and gals enjoy doing it. Because if they look unhappy carrying that board on their back, it will not create a positive image of the product. Inturn if they look happy, then it is a better way to market as they can keep moving from one place to other, one street to other with that board.

print ads

Walking and Talking ads

In this particular photo they are carrying the ad of a pre-primary school. Thus daily they can stand near one or the other day care centers, other pre-primary schools, play schools, parks etc. Nobody can come and remove their hoarding, nor can they paste other ads on the board!!! That is a great advantage indeed isn’t it? Also it will create employment for jobseekers.

I feel this type of work will specially work for kids related products, if the person holding ad is found to be more attractive with balloons etc, they can promote more kids related products.

Airtel ads 2013


Look at these new airtel ads, even though they convey the message even the poor people can get access to internet with Airtel, I did not like the tone with which the ads are made.

In the facebook friend ad, the lift operator is asking the other person ‘ Sir kya aap mere friend banoge’? which means will you become my friend?

This lift operator is so humble and hesitant. The other guy gives a look as if he is looking down upon him. Then finally agrees as if doing a favor. Why should the lift operator make friendship with these guys who are so proud about themselves!! Airtel thinks all those educated and working people who have access to net behave like this.

In the next ad – The rain and the E-mail.

The working woman in western wear is not able to connect to net, and the other lady in Indian attire, gives her a helping hand. This lady in western wear responds in a mocking tone that she has to send an e-mail, which could not be there in other person’s mobile. But the lady says ‘My mobile has e-mail facility’ . Then this lady sits next to her and sends the e-mail.

Even this ad portrays the educated and working woman as somebody who looks down upon others who are not so privileged.

All of us fall into the category of people with internet facility and I do not think majority of us would behave like the way as shown in the ads. The same message could have been given in a more positive way, buy showing positive emotions and behavior.

what is your take on this?

Contests to give money or make money?

freshers has come up with the ad participate and win 2 lakhs. It is calling it as Talent Search 2013, but you need to pay 599/- rupees to participate in that!!! Thus even with 333 people registering they will get 2 Lakh.

Also it claims that top 100 will get job. If it is having the genuine thought of employing the talented people, there is no need to collect money from them. It says it is collecting 599/- to make sure only interested candidates participate!

If you are talented you will definitely get a job without paying money to any Tom, Dick or Harry… so please do not fall into these traps.

I had great respect for freshers world for the hard work they had put to bring all updates about job openings in their website, they should not have got into this means to make money.