Smt Veena Mohan Harikathe Schedule 2018

April 29th : Narasimha avatara at Srivari temple nj

June 9th. : Sri Vadirajaru at Sri Krishna Vrundavana nj

June 16th : Akka Mahadevi Sonerset nj

August 25th: Seeta Kalyana in English Staten Island

September 8th : sri Purandaradasa inEnglish Pomona temple NY

September 22: Parvati Kalyana south jersey

November 10 : Babruvahana Tennesse


Fantasy park Mysore

GRS Fantasy park is an amusement cum water park in the heritage city of Mysore. Situated in the not so densely populated city, compared to Bangalore, GRS Fantasy park is a best place to enjoy your summer holiday with friends and family. You can click on the link to visit their website where you will find all details about the park and also buy tickets online. Mysore being my hometown I am always there during my summer holidays. And my daughter makes sure that we will take her to GRS Fantasy park even if it happens to be a short duration trip to Mysore. And nevertheless we too enjoy all the rides like kids.

Best thing would be to reach there by 11am. Take a pair of clothes to change after visiting all water games. You can either choose to go for water games first change the dress and then go for dry games, or go to dry games first and then for water games. You will not be allowed in dry games or rides if your dress is wet.

Everytime I go to GRS Fantasy park I am really amused to see old ladies in the age group of 60-70 trying all the rides with their family. I see some grand mothers happily enjoying the rides which I myself am not able to do.

Good thing is you have rides for all tolerance limit. If you want to adventure go for the high speed ones, if you just want to relax and enjoy take the ones which are not so scary. And dont miss the Dragon”s Den.

Important things

  1. This should be a whole day event, so don’t go there if you are having less than 3-4 hours
  2. Go with a company, don’t go alone, you wont enjoy much. Still you can enjoy if you become one among the crowd.
  3. You can take lockers on rent, you can take swim suite on rent.
  4. Enough number of clean wahrooms are available.
  5. Food is not great, still there are 2-3 restaurants inside.
  6. Dont go to the lazy river if you dont have much time. That should be the last option.
  7. check the timings in the pamphlet given at entrance and be at those places at the mentioned time to experience thrill.
  8. Separate ladies and children pool is there. This you can use if yours is only ladies gang. Else you go to common family water pools.

If you have visited GRS Fantasy park, let me know your favorite rides in comment please.

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Mysore Dasara as seen from our Camera

Mysore Simhasana made with flowers in Flower show during Dasara

Mysore Simhasana made with flowers in Flower show during Dasara

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace as seen from Chamundi Hills

Phala Pushpa Pradarshana

Phala Pushpa Pradarshana – Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables show

Karanji Kere

Karanji Kere – The fountain Lake, very near to Mysore zoo.

White Peacock in Karanji Kere

White Peacock in Karanji Kere

Mysore Zoo

Rhinoceros in Mysore zoo

Dasara Procession Mysore Palace (4)

South Zone Skating Competition in Hyderabad

DRS International School Hyderabad

DRS International School Hyderabad

Silver Oaks Coach guiding skaters.

Silver Oaks Coach guiding skaters.

Event – CBSE South Zone Skating Championship Boys &Girls 2014 – 2015

Dated 28th to 30th September 2014

southzone skating

Organizing School Name – DRS International School Hyderabad
School Address DRS International School, Survey No:523,Opp:Apparel park, Gundlapochampally Village,Medchal mandalam, Rangaraddy Dist Hyderabad, Telangana State-500 014.

School Principal -Mr.Janajith Ray

Inaugural Ceremony 28-09-2014, 09:30a.m.
Valedictory Ceremony 30-09-2014, 4:30 p.m.
Contact Number 040 23792123,24,
Email ,

Location From Secunderabad Rly Stn 25 KMS
From Nampally Rly Stn 35 KMS
From Kachiguda Rly Stn 35 KMS
From Shamshabad Airport 60 KMS
From MG Bus Station Gowliguda 50 KMS

Contact Persons Mr. Martin 09959829147, 09440449945.
Mr. Noor 09246533458, 09030680166.
Mr. V Sreeramulu, 09492865250.

Introduction to Vastu


Part 1

Vastu Shastra is believed to have originated from the stapadya veda of Atharvana Veda. As we are know there are four vedas, Rugveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvana Veda. Rugveda consists of hymns which are nothing but prayers to god, Yajurveda explains the different rituals and procedures to be followed in them, Samaveda is the mother of music, the seven swaras sa, ri , ga , ma , pa , da , ni are derived from Samaveda and the last one Atharvana veda or Atharva veda as is widely known preaches non violence and peace.

Unfortunately we do not have access to complete vastu shastra, As we know vedas were taught orally by the Guru to his desciple and they were never recorded. It was a custom to remember it by heart and teach it. The main idea was to avoid theft! In future they might have written it, but because of the burning of Nalanda library we lost most of our treasured

So let us make most of the Vastu, that has been passed on from generations to generations.

Vastu tells us how to build our house, vastu tells the positive and negative energies a plot or construction will bring. How to rectify it. Just like one cannot prove the presence of god to atheist, and one should feel it to realise it, the same is true with Vastu. Once we learn Vastu, we can keep observing every house and the life of people living in it, and surprisingly you will see that things happen as per the belief of Vastu. Thus we should not take vastu lightly. Let us benefit from the wisdom our ancestors have given us.

VIBGYOR School – Bangalore incident

Here is an update about the gruesome incident that took place in Vibgyor school Bangalore. A 6 year old child was raped by 2 teachers and the school authorities are not taking responsibility for kids. Here is the updates I got from a parent.

Update on vibgyor incident:Those who
cannot make it today…Here is update

      1. The incident took place on 2nd July and child of 1st grade was sexually assaulted by 2 school teachers.

      2. Two SPA coaches of school are involved in the incident i.e. Gymnastic Teacher and Western Dance Teacher

      3. The incident took place in main block of the school between 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM in some dark room

      4. School is trying to cover up the entire incident and not ready to take any responsibility. School is trying to prove that incident happened outside the school but police confirmed it happened in Main Block

      5. Possibility of more people being involved cannot be ruled out by police as the Aaya (maid) took the timeout and she only took the child to dark room and after that she only took the child to washroom for cleaning on the day of incident

      6. The SPA teachers assaulted child on the pretext of punishing her and threatened her of dire consequences after the incident

      7. Both the teachers are in police custody but not arrested yet8. The class teacher, Primary coordinator, SPA coordinator and other teachers are being questioned by the police. All SPA activities are suspended by the school sine die till the investigation is over.

      8. This is not the 1st incident but many parents highlighted & reported multiple cases of molestation and child abuse within Vibgyor premises in last few years….In-fact last week 1 girl student of 6th class was molested by swimming teacher in school. The gymnastic teacher who is arrested, there were multiple complaints in past against him for taking pics of girl child and molestation. If school would have taken action against Gymnastic teacher on time then this horrific incident could have been avoided.842_horamavu

      9. All parents were aghast and shocked by the attitude of school authorities…The principal was hiding behind and on top of it school authorities named the child in public domain which is a serious crime…Parents were concerned that any tom, dick and harry can be teacher in VIBGYOR HIGH and most of the teachers are working for pocket money…They are not trained teachers & just doing time pass…Send your kids at own risk till end of academic year….It was shocking to know experience of other parents and it is one of most dangerous schools in Bangalore with lot many untold stories of child molestation and abuse.
        Please pass on this message to all your friends through all what’s app groups… A protest march is organized against gang rape of 6 year child in Vibgyor High School, Marathalli, Bangalore on 19th July (Saturday) at 10 am. It will start from Vibgyor School, near kundalahalli gate, thubarahalli, Bangalore….this horrific incident is now covered by national media….please circulate on all What’sapp groups…it will be our small contribution to bigger cause and will help in making world a safer place for kids..

  1. Request all of you to spread this message. Let us join in the fight against such incidents. The school authorities and people involved have to be severely punished. It can happen only with our efforts.

Read the reviews on mouthshut here

I just signed the petition “Karnataka Education Minister Kimmane Ratnakar: Issue directive to all schools in Bangalore to impose security measures for the safety of children” on

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:




The Visa Balaji – Chilkur Balaji Temple

Finally we saw the Visa Balaji – Chilkur Balaji temple – The Visa Balaji


Chilkur is a small village situated at a distance of 30 kilometers from Hyderabad city. I had heard a lot about it but had not visited the same. I often postpone visiting places as I reserve it for vacation so that both my mother and my nephew will be here and we can visit places along with them. But this time we had to hurry. The reason was my husband had to submit his Visa documents in three days. He has been working on it for months and still not able to complete the same, how can he do that in three days. But his manager asked him to hurry up. So there was no other way, than to take the help of Visa Balaji!

Yes, believe it or not, this Lord Venkateshwara at Chilkur Balaji temple is popularly known as Visa Balaji. All those aspiring to go abroad come here and take his blessings. During the first visit, they will offer 11 Rounds of Pradakshina ( Going around the God or the Temple for 11 times) . Then once their wish is fulfilled they have to come back and offer 108 rounds of PradakshiNa. If you are too lazy to offer the Pradakshina, and if you plan to offer only Dakshina the so called donation to temple in monetary form, this God will not accept.

Yes, the beauty of this place is

ü     it does not have Hundi, the box where devotees offer cash to God.

ü     Also it does not have separate queue system. All should go in only one line.

ü     When we do pradakshina, the Purohits stand their and they keep singing and make devotees sing.

So, coming back to our story, when my husband suddenly came and told me tomorrow we are going to Chilkur Balaji temple, I thought why tomorrow, how can Anagha (my small daughter) get up early? Why early? Why cannot we go afternoon?

He said, ‘No, I heard there will huge rush of devotees, if we can reach their by 7am, then it is ok, afterwards there will be huge crowd’. I said, ok, let us leave at 6.30 then.

We booked the taxi at 6.30 a.m, and it was 7.a.m by the time we left. I was just praying that, let there be not too much crowd, otherwise my husband would scold me for not leaving early!

But to our surprise there was not much vehicle movement in road. So our family friend Mr.Vasant, who accompanied us told, there might not be much crowd today as it is Ganesh Visarjan in Hyderabad. Otherwise by now, we should have come across lot of vehicles. So by God’s grace there was not much crowd when we reached temple. We took Coconut and flower to offer to the God. Mr.Vasant told, they will not accept anything. But the shopkeeper insisted. He told us, we will be allowed to Garbhagudi, the inside shrine where God’s Pooja takes place if we have that Tulasi garland!. We did not believe him, but still took the Tulasi leaves garland, coconut and flower garland. There was no queue at all and we reached the inside of temple very easily. But there were hundreds of people doing the Pradakshina. If on a un-croweded day there are so many people doing Pradakshina, you can imagine what will be the plight on other days, peak days and during afternoon hours.

We got to see the god from outside the shrine, not the inner shrine as told by flower shop keeper!. But Darshan was good. Here also they would ask us to move, but still we could fill our eyes with God’s beauty for atleast 30-40 seconds, as against Tirupati, where you get a glimpse only for fraction of second. After the Darshan and offering flowers, which were kept in the Tray there, we made 11 Pradakshina to God. Even my daughter happily joined us in the Pradakshina. Then we sat in the temple premises for a while as is the custom we follow. Then we had the darshan of Lord Shiva in the same temple.

It is said, in this temple you should not close your eyes in front of Shiva!


Then we had our breakfast at Harita restaurant, run by APTDC.  Did some shopping and returned home.

On the way back we stopped at Gandipet Dam and enjoyed the beauty of Water, then stopped at Durgam Cheruvu to get a glimpse of Biggest Ganesha Idol. Returned home before noon happily delighted and blessed!