Jungle the Restaurant Nizampet

Aug 9th, 2013


We visited Jungle the Restaurant at Nizampet Village yesterday at 10 PM.

The food was good. We had ordered Tandoori Roti and Paneer Kofta.

They took some 15- 20 minutes.

We had ordered to make it less spicy and the instruction was followed.

The ambiance was good with artificial forest around. Kids love it. I did not like it much, as it did not have much lighting. Or I do not like the pub like environment in family hotels.

But what annoyed us was constant shoutings from Kitchen. Since the ordered food and till the time we left, the quarrel among employees was going on in Kitchen and it was so audible that all of us could hear in the Dining area.

We just felt like leaving after main course and did not want to order anything more.

Price was reasonable for 5 Roti and one Paneer kofta the bill amount was 220/-.

Aug 14th, 2013

Second time we visited there were more negative experience.

We ordered less spicy, without green chilli Paneer, but we got spicy, with green chilly curry.

In first visit we had asked for finger bowl and we were asked to use wash basin. We thought its ok, as it was already 10.45 pm and looked like the restaurant was about close.

But second time we visited at afternoon, and saw finger bowl being given to other customer, so after our lunch asked for finger bowl, he said use wash basin! Then we asked why? Then another person intervened and asked him to give finger bowl. But he gave finger bowl with cold water!!

Why people invest so much if they cannot monitor and guide the employees?



5 comments on “Jungle the Restaurant Nizampet

  1. vishnu says:

    we had bad experience too… They do not accept credit cards…. when i called the manager, he we saying he worked in big hotels like novotel and its the customers responsibility to check if credit card is accepted or not……. an irrational answer..


  2. Bindu says:

    That is really surprising. I thought the manager or founder is not aware of the mismanagement happening here. But if he is responding like that, looks like they have some black money, which they invested here!!!

    Otherwise why would anybody give such irresponsible answer to customer’s complaints.!!


  3. Anita says:

    Me and hubby visited the restaurant few days ago and decided we wouldn’t ever visit that place again!! Bad bad bad… Food wasn’t good at first place, waiters were too rude, average ambiance, no fingerbowls and worst of all, restaurant was stinking!!


  4. sai says:

    all the above comments are shit i have visited the restaurant a week ago i have even nt experniced such kind of thing owsem service and owsem food i can judge the service as im aaa hotel managment degree holder


  5. kanna says:

    One of the worst restaurants I have ever visited mother fucking rats irritated me a lot


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